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2D Site is a simple way to manage your website that avoids the pitfalls of bloated systems like WordPress.

Easy to Use

Super clean and super intuitive, 2D Site is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the cryptic and confusing content management systems (CMS) out there. Adding pages, images, blog posts, etc. is as easy as it gets.

Easy to Maintain

2D Site is ultra-lightweight, about 3% of the size of WordPress, yet it accomplishes everything that the majority of website owners need. 2D Sites are also stable and almost never need updates. So you can forget about the neverending, hellish nightmare of updates, glitches, and general frustration you get with WordPress.

Professional Design

You don't have to build it yourself, and you really shouldn't. Stop trying to figure out templates or those "oh so convenient" editing tools. Let the professionals that have been designing websites since 1996 create what you need. The result will be far better and save you a ton of time and frustration.

Professional Support

2D sites are built and supported by Version2 in Cincinnati, OH. When you need help, you'll get an expert who is familiar with you, your company, your goals, and the details of your website.


2D Site is a new project by Version2. After years of frustration with the big CMS options, Version2 has come up with a solution for the vast majority of small and medium businesses. 2D Site is a minimalist alternative to the overbuilt, heavy systems that power most websites. 2D Site doesn't use a database to manage content. Rather, it's built around a "flat-file" that holds all text content for the site in a single file. The system selects the proper text for each page making 2D Site spectacularly simple compared to its competitors.

Core Features

Mobile Friendly

SSL Encrypted

Add Pages

Make Blog Posts

Image Galleries

Change Navigation

Contact Forms

Manage SEO


The build: starting at $799*

*Base price. Get a clean design and contol over your content without the big CMS headaches for just $799. If you need additional design work or help with branding, content, photography, or social marketing; we can help with that too!

If you just need something simple and inexpensive, with a fast turn around, check out our rapid development solution, Elevator Site.

If you have a vision for something truly new and need a custom build, then look no further than our custom agency and parent company, Version2.

Hosting: $17/month**

**When paid annually. $24/month when month-to-month.

Get free hosting.
Earn half a year of free hosting for every site you refer. That's $144 off your hosting bill anytime you recommend 2D Site.
And yes, you can refer yourself when you have multiple sites!


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